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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Spring Seed Planting

Celebrating Spring in the garden by starting seeds with my little helper. Each year after attending the Chicago Flower and Garden show I return home anxious as ever to start seeds. This is the year to start cold hardy vegetables. The soil is thawed thanks to The covers over the 4 x 4 raised beds.  The covers will come in handy to protect the seed from any frost that may come in early spring.


Before we started planting we examined the hardiness map.  It was so darn cute to hear her Little voice say hardiness.  She was curious to what the orange color was on the map.  It’s kind a neat how a three-year-old thinks! Read the rest of this entry


The Health Benefits of Gardening

Digging The Vegetable Garden


The health benefits of gardening are as abundant as the garden’s yield. Gardening brings families and communities together, offers a good workout, and provides you with seasonal vegetables and fruits. A beautiful garden isn’t just something to be admired in glossy magazines. There are solid reasons to start a garden, including the health benefits of gardening — from physical activity (calorie burn!) to the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor. And there are emotional benefits, such as connecting with your kids when you garden as a family and the joy of watching a seed grow into a plant from your efforts. Here are some additional benefits to gardening: Read the rest of this entry

Freesia Planting Guide


A Bit Of Horticultural Geometry

Freesia flowers are “zygomorphic” which just means that they grow along one side of the stem, in a single plane. When you look at a flower stalk however, you’ll see that the blooms are facing upwards. How does this work? Freesias stems have the unusual habit of turning at right angles just below the bottom flower. This causes the upper portion of the stem to grow almost parallel with the ground. The flowers bloom along the top side of the stalk, facing upwards. This makes them lovely to look down into in a garden setting and ideal for arrangements. If you didn’t care much for geometry in high school, here’s a painless, fragrant and colorful way to give it another try. Way more fun than Mrs. Ryan’s class, trust us! Read the rest of this entry