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Spring Seed Planting

Celebrating Spring in the garden by starting seeds with my little helper. Each year after attending the Chicago Flower and Garden show I return home anxious as ever to start seeds. This is the year to start cold hardy vegetables. The soil is thawed thanks to The covers over the 4 x 4 raised beds.  The covers will come in handy to protect the seed from any frost that may come in early spring.


Before we started planting we examined the hardiness map.  It was so darn cute to hear her Little voice say hardiness.  She was curious to what the orange color was on the map.  It’s kind a neat how a three-year-old thinks!

Seeds to Plant in Spring

  • Peas
  • Lettuce
  • Swiss Chard
  • carrots
  • radishes
  • Kale

Planting Peas

One of the easiest vegetables to grow in early spring is peas.  I really enjoy the Asian variety.




I’ve never seen someone not get nervous about The size of a lettuce seed.  The  small seeds are sprinkled on the soil and then add a thin layer of  soil before watering.


Label the Seeds

It is super important to label those seeds especially in raised beds. When those new sprouts arrive they all look the same.  I had picked up different sizes of tags to label seeds. My little helper seem to love the little tags for her radishes.



Carrots are a great seed to start in spring. They taste amazing in cool weather.


Time To Water

I was sure to ask some of my garden friends at the Chicago flower show tips on growing in covered raised beds this time of year.  The number one tip was to be sure to water.


Thumbs Up – The raised beds are all watered and more ready to watch some seeds arrive!


About Sophia Valencia

I've had a few names which my friends and love ones fondly calls me... Sophie...Fie...Pia.. The Sophie in me I love nature. The green thumb girl who exerts a lot of time gardening as a stress reliever and a hobby too. The girl drinks her coffee in the morning looking at her garden. Fie love books and adventure. A bookworm at heart but always go for a challenge. The Fie in me loves hiking and camping. Stargazing, campfire singing and just learning new things excites Fie the most. After all, a weekend outdoor just to unwind and enjoy the nature says it all. Travel and design are the aspects who defines Pia. The woman in me that longs to see the world and enjoy each places. To experience new things and enjoy the life offers to her. That's all me! The nature girl, adventurer and a traveller.

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