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DIY Cute as a Button Earrings! Easy to Make!

These earrings are absolutely EASY to make! If you have jewelry glue, flat earring posts, and buttons you can make them right away! So easy, so cute!



– Jewelry glue or Krazy Glue
– Flat earring posts
– Buttons (I used mini buttons I found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.)
– Earring backs


Step 1: Glue the buttons onto the flat earring posts using jewelry glue or Krazy Glue. Be careful when using this type of glue, I remember accidentally gluing my fingers together when I made these. hehe I wish I was joking!


Once the glue is dry, they are finished! YAY!



I must share this photo of Gabrielle back in April 2012 sporting the earrings! She had just lost one of her top front teeth, just like Emanuelle did a couple of weeks ago. Gosh time flies!


About Sophia Valencia

I've had a few names which my friends and love ones fondly calls me... Sophie...Fie...Pia.. The Sophie in me I love nature. The green thumb girl who exerts a lot of time gardening as a stress reliever and a hobby too. The girl drinks her coffee in the morning looking at her garden. Fie love books and adventure. A bookworm at heart but always go for a challenge. The Fie in me loves hiking and camping. Stargazing, campfire singing and just learning new things excites Fie the most. After all, a weekend outdoor just to unwind and enjoy the nature says it all. Travel and design are the aspects who defines Pia. The woman in me that longs to see the world and enjoy each places. To experience new things and enjoy the life offers to her. That's all me! The nature girl, adventurer and a traveller.

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